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Relief in the Midst of Ruin

In mid-March, Mozambique was hit by cyclone Idai. World Hope International had the opportunity to partner with three other organizations to provide relief…

Hospital Ship USNS Comfort Deploying – Volunteer Now!

The U.S. Southern Command announced on Tuesday, May 7th, that “The U.S. Navy hospital ship USNS Comfort (T-AH 20) is scheduled to deploy in June”. World Hope International is again seeking volunteer, licensed medical professionals, as well as Spanish speaking interpreters to staff the ship.

A Volunteer’s Dream to Serve Comes True on Comfort

Last year, Tamara Tangeman served as a representative for World Hope International aboard hospital ship USNS Comfort during the ship’s stops in Ecuador and Peru on an 11-week medical support mission…


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World Hope International is committed to sound stewardship and using your gift to deliver the most effective, sustainable solutions for alleviating poverty, suffering, and injustice. In 2017, 92% of funds contributed were used for program expenses. In order to use our resources in the most efficient manner possible, we may deem it necessary to redirect your contribution to the greatest need or our general purposes.

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