Step 1 of 3: Search for a Child

Child sponsorship works.

Child sponsorship through World Hope International impacts children in need in powerful ways through education, freedom from slavery, food security, clean water, and disaster relief. By sponsoring a child, you confirm that each child has been created in the image of God, has been named and has a story worthy of being heard by someone that cares for them.  Thank you!

With an investment of just $40 per month, child sponsorship gives children hope for a future. To consider sponsoring a child today – search below for a child, add your giving information and look forward to receiving information on how you can engage in the child’s life on a regular basis!

If you have questions about how to help a child do not hesitate to contact our team at or 888-466-4673.  We want to make this experience as rewarding and meaningful as possible for you and the child!