Rural and Economic Development

Many impoverished communities around the world are ripe with natural resources, but lack the knowledge or opportunity necessary to form a market and delivery system to distribute and gain profit from their goods.

Working at both the grassroots and global trading levels, World Hope International helps to lay the groundwork for business in developing countries.

For example, Adelphe and the Village Partnerships program promote entrepreneurship at the community level, which aims to create sustainable food and income security, while FIRST STEP connects businesses investing in Sierra Leone with international trading opportunities. Finally, WHI’s Mobile Power and Integrated Energy Center program encourage entrepreneurship.

To learn more about WHI’s current Village Partnerships & Rural Development efforts, read the 2015 Rural & Economic Development Annual Report.


FIRST STEP is an Economic Opportunity Zone (EOZ) on 50-acres of government-sponsored land just outside of Sierra Leone’s primary seaport, Freetown. Here, foreign investors find a unique opportunity to build scalable factory facilities and establish export processing activity, while receiving tax and trade benefits. In turn, these companies enrich lives in Sierra Leone through creating job opportunity and providing community training. A subsidiary of World Hope International and utilizing the organization’s extensive in-country experience, FIRST STEP introduces opportunities for direct, foreign investment in Sierra Leone, aiding in the revitalization of an entire country. Learn more.

Sisters (Adelphé)

Sisers (Adelphé) is a unique economic development program that is advancing entire Cambodian communities through the empowerment of women. By providing women with economic development opportunities, education and health care, entire families and communities are inspired to seek the dignity and hope of a life free from extreme poverty. Learn More.

Mobile Power

In Sierra Leone, 94 percent of the population does not have access to electricity due to poor infrastructure and unaffordability. Without clean, affordable and reliable electricity, education, health, and communications are negatively impacted.

To rectify this dire situation, WHI teamed up with Mobile Power Ltd. to provide clean, affordable energy to off-grid communities in Sierra Leone to help improve livelihoods, reduce carbon emissions and improve health. WHI is leveraging its network of village partnerships to deploy 25 Mobile Power Village Systems, reaching 2,000 households. Local entrepreneurs will be able to charge for the use of this energy thus ensuring employment and sustainable energy generation and distribution. Learn more.

The Integrated Energy Center

In partnership with TMD Solar Outreach, a subsidiary of the Transformative Materials and Devices laboratory at Yale University, WHI is excited to announce the launch of its first project to design and develop a sustainable Integrated Energy Center (IEC) to serve communities that lack access to modern and clean energy in Haiti! Through continuous research, monitoring and evaluation of the IEC, WHI will be able to improve designs and project reach to better serve those in Haiti who are lacking access to energy and electricity. Through the IEC pilot program, WHI’s goal is to install a solar power system to a local school and build an integrated energy center that will provide basic energy needs lacking in the surrounding community.

Village Partnerships

World Hope International’s Village Partnerships program connects US - based churches, schools or organizations with specific African villages to address multiple needs and act as a comprehensive response to the cycle of poverty. Village Partnerships train and empower community leaders, focusing on supporting sustainable activities that result in economic stability and enhanced livelihoods. Spiritual growth, food security, education, agribusiness and community health are addressed in a coordinated way to bring lasting improvement. Learn more.


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