Village Partnerships

Far removed from the technology, commerce and infrastructure of modern cities, many people living in remote areas throughout Africa live traditional lifestyles characterized by acute poverty. The cycle of poverty for the people in these communities is perpetual and is due to a combination of several factors including, poor infrastructure, lack of education, and limited sources of food and income.

Our Response

World Hope International’s Village Partnerships connect US-based churches, schools or organizations with a specific village to address multiple needs and act as a comprehensive response to the cycle of poverty. Village Partnerships train and empower community leaders, focusing on supporting sustainable activities that result in economic stability and enhanced livelihoods. Spiritual growth, food security, education, agribusiness and community health are addressed in a coordinated way to being lasting improvement.

By partnering with village leaders and the local church, WHI utilizes a carefully guided multi-year holistic development process designed to continue on its own after WHI involvement has concluded. WHI’s development philosophy centers on the belief that vulnerable communities need knowledge and resources that foster empowerment instead of dependence. This allows villages to take responsibility and ownership of the transformation process, advocating for changes that best address their individual community’s needs.

As the goal of the Village Partnership program is community empowerment and transformation, WHI supports individuals in identifying their most pressing needs, and trains communities to make sound decisions and take action towards change. WHI’s responsibility as a successful development organization is to partner with each community to provide knowledge, resources, counsel and opportunity. Combining the unique assets each community has at its disposal, strategic material investments and individual and community-based training, village partnerships produce tangible results.

How to get involved

Churches, schools and organizations may want to consider connecting with a specific village in Sierra Leone or Mozambique through the Village Partnership program. 

The investment and length of commitment of a Village Partnership varies, depending on village need and size. On average, partnerships last three years. However, we offer programs of many different sizes to best fit your budget. 

Contact George Beals to learn more about Village Partnerships.

Village Partnerships

Since 2003, World Hope International has successfully managed over 25 Village Partnerships.   

Current and active partnerships include: