Even the strongest woman needs a hand.

A woman living in a rural village in Cambodia earns less than $0.45 per day.
She works long hours on her farm and raising her deteriorating livestock.
She desperately wants something better for her children.
But comes up short each time school fees are due.
And even that worry is surpassed by another:
she can't escape the fear of them missing yet another meal.

Sisters empowers women and their families to seek dignity and hope of a life free from extreme poverty and violence.

The Plan


She will gain strength from yours. Here's How:

Find your Sister

When you partner with a Sister, you will receive her picture and hear her one-of-a kind story. With this, you will dignify her by knowing her face and praying for her by name. 

Invest for one year

When you invest in a Sister, determined by the project, you are supporting a project unique to her life and her community. You are giving her the tools she needs for the opportunity to succeed! 


After a year, you will celebrate a completed project that will make a lifelong impact. Your name will be in her heart forever. And, as for your heart - we suspect it might never be the same.