Like you, we believe in the fierce strength of a woman fighting for her family. And, SISTERS, gives her the fighting chance she deserves!

Partner with a SISTER and fund a project that will change her world forever.

become a sister


With an investment of just $900, you will enter into a year-long partnership with your SISTER in Cambodia. This partnership will help her establish a business, make her home a healthier place to raise her children, connect her with a support group of women, and help her to know her value in Christ!



Choose to partner with a SISTER on your own or present the opportunity to your women's group. 


After you have made a commitment, we will connect you with your SISTER and share more about her life!


With a year of training and support, your SISTER will be ready to celebrate! You'll get a report of her progress!


Become a sister Share with your women's group


When you become a SISTER of a woman in Cambodia, you shower her with God’s love through opportunity, community and hope. 

Each SISTER receives:

  1. A HOME-BASED BUSINESS – Each SISTER receives supplies and training on building and operating her own mushroom house. Mushrooms from this region are sold to restaurants in large cities and can often generate income of $200 per month (or 15x the average woman’s income as a day laborer)!

  2. MEMBERSHIP IN A WOMEN’S SAVING GROUP – Women in your SISTER’S community form their own micro loan program after receiving training on personal finance. Now, they can take loans from the group for their business instead of paying high interest rates with a “loan shark!”

  3. A LATRINE – As you can imagine, these mom’s want the best for their children. Having a clean place for them to toilet at her home, protects her children from illness and keeps them safe and close to their house.

  4. HEALTH & WELLNESS TRAINING – As women meet for the Women’s Savings Group they also benefit from trainings on hygiene & nutrition, as well as topics like women’s and children’s rights and the dangers of trafficking.

  5. SUPPORT & COMMUNITY – As women bond through the Women’s Saving Groups, they are strengthened by a new sense of community and have a place to turn if times get tough.

become a sister share with my women's group


SISTERS made all the difference for Horn.
Horn Channy married young. She and her husband struggled trying to make ends meet, but never earned enough money for their food. When she learned she was pregnant, she became very nervous. Her husband started traveling, looking for work and doing anything to earn income. She was a day laborer and averaged .30 cents a day in income. When her son was born, he was very sick and they could not afford help. Horn and her husband borrowed money from a loan shark to pay for medicine. Fortunately, her son’s health improved, but now they were over $200 in debt with a very high interest rate.

Horn learned about the Women’s Savings Group from a neighbor and decided to attend a meeting. Her first meeting marked the beginning of a massive transformation for her and her family! Her first loan was to start a mushroom house. She and her husband now have two mushroom houses and her husband no longer has to travel to distant areas to find work. They have completely paid off their debt, purchased a motorbike, and are beginning to build their third mushroom house.


With a holistic approach to each woman’s unique needs, there’s no doubt that your SISTER’S life will be better because of you. And, it’s important to us that you can celebrate with her along the way!

What you can expect as a SISTER:

  • First, you will receive a profile of your SISTER soon after committing to your year-long partnership.
  • Then, we’ll send you more good news throughout the year of things happening in your SISTER's community.
  • Finally, at the end of the year, you will receive a photo and update about the specific impact you have had in your SISTER’S life.

And, there’s a standing invitation for you to take a trip to Cambodia and meet your SISTER in person! 

become a sister share with my women's group