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There’s a World of Hope in You

With World Hope International, you can be at the intersection of a broken world and a loving God. You’ll find hope each time you meet the needs of another vulnerable child and family in crisis.

Your Role in Our Mission

As Proverbs 31 instructs, we are to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, to defend the rights of the destitute and needy. Together we can supercharge your ability to serve the most vulnerable among us.

Find Hope With Us

Vulnerable children and their families are at the heart of everything we do. Our mission is simple: to make a positive impact on 1 million and 1 at-risk children and families around the world.

Make Miracles as a Partner

Beautiful transformations occur when we bring God’s hope to those in need.

At World Hope International, we go where other humanitarian relief organizations dare not go — the places that need miracles most.

When you support World Hope International, you make miracles happen. With you as our partner:

  • Over 1 million people in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Haiti and Cambodia have clean water.
  • Children living with disabilities in West Africa have brighter futures.
  • Human trafficking survivors are protected and reintegrated.
  • Thousands of children are fed and safe in school.

Because of You

children and families gained access to CLEAN WATER

Patients received HEALTHCARE

children and families protected from gender-based violence and HUMAN TRAFFICKING

Children Sponsored

*Based on available data 2016-2023. 

Building Resilience Together

Our model is sustainable because we teach communities to stay successful long after we’re gone. This means when you join us, you’re changing lives now and for years to come.  Past sponsored children are teaching today’s sponsored children in schools! And a child living with disabilities who Enable the Children (ETC) helped, is now grown and helps other children with disabilities realize their potential through our Enable the Children program.

Your support can make a difference:

  • $40/month: Give a child an education … and a future with hope.
  • $44/month: Help a child living with disabilities reach adulthood … and thrive.
  • $200: Screen a woman in Sierra Leone for cervical cancer … and save her life.
  • $13,000: Gift a community a clean water system … and sustainability.

Case Study

The Power of Hope: A Virtual Tour of Peace Island, Liberia


Watch a 20 minute video

Our Commitment to You 


We navigate challenges with flexibility and innovation.


We celebrate the richness of humanity and strive for a world where all can flourish. 


Our work is faith in action. We seek transformation and healing for a broken world. 


We work strategically with trusted partners to maximize your impact. 


We hold ourselves accountable for resources entrusted to us.


We seek big change that brings dignity, hope, opportunity and faith to people we serve and our supporters.

Love is Our Story

World Hope International (WHI) roots date back to 1996. Our founder, Jo Anne Lyon, created WHI to empower vulnerable children, women and families around the world so they can become agents of change within their communities. From its humble beginnings, WHI grew into an efficient, agile and strategic Christian relief and development organization. Partners, governments and vulnerable communities around the world depend on WHI every day because our sustainable, measurable and innovative changes save and improve lives. Today, we identify the unmet needs of the most vulnerable, with a focus on children in crisis and their families, leveraging individual God-given strengths as we strive for excellence.


Jo Ann with several school kids

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