Our Work

Using market-based, community-driven enterprise solutions to empower, protect, & build resiliency


The challenges in today’s world are complex and deeply interconnected.

The projects that we take on at World Hope are community led and sustainable. We believe that individuals and communities are transformed into ones with dignity and wholeness through a spiritual, social, economic, and physical change. Transformation is never a single-issue project; it’s as multi-dimensional as people are themselves, and it can begin with a single person, expand to their community, and go on to change a whole world.


We believe they require more than a quick fix…

Lasting impact is realized through locally sustainable programs. From the moment we first begin to consider a project, we are already envisioning how it will grow to live on without us. Innovating projects that self-sustain allows us to be nimble as an organization, moving in and out of countries to answer challenges with opportunities.


and they will only be truly addressed through local empowerment

That is why we use market-driven, community-led enterprise solutions as the basis of all our work. Instead of creating demand, we meet it. Instead of leading change, we work hand in hand with local leaders and listen hard within the community. Then we work together to develop an enterprise solution that can continue on long after we have left. Something that is rooted in the unique culture and lifestyle of the place where it is sewn.


—and in partnership with others.

We don’t go where not invited by a community because we know that local collaboration is vital. Partnering with like-minded organizations and individuals allows us to leverage our resources and amplify our impact. Interconnected challenges require connected responses and together, we can create a whole world of hope.