Child Sponsorship

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Help kids dream bigger than ever before.

A child can be known, loved, and launched.

Real community transformation begins by investing in children.

The encouragement of a sponsor affirms that each child has been created in the image of God, has been named, and has a story worthy of being heard!

Through a range of programs, your sponsorship contributes to tuition assistance, school uniforms and shoes, school supplies, food support, spiritual guidance, community and school development, teacher training, and more.

With your support, sponsored children are launched to be agents of love and hope in their communities around the world.

How is COVID-19 affecting my sponsored child?

Due to lock downs and school closures across the world, many sponsors have wondered what is happening in their sponsored child’s community. All of our partner schools are reopening between August – October 2020. Hand washing stations, soap, and prevention information have all been distributed and our team will continue to support communities in removing their unique barriers to a quality education.

Child Sponsorship Works

Sponsored children are up to 40% more likely to finish secondary school and up to 80% more likely to graduate college.

Journal of Political Economy

Child Sponsorship Works

Sponsored children are up to 18% more likely to find jobs and lift themselves—and their families—out of desperate cycles of violence, disease and poverty.

Journal of Political Economy

Child Sponsorship Works

Children lifted from poverty by the generosity of sponsors are up to 70% more likely to become leaders in their churches and communities.

Journal of Political Economy


The hearts of children, their parents, and even their sponsors are transformed by such selfless acts of love.
Child Sponsorship

Country-specific strategies

To maximize the impact of your investment as a child sponsor, we adapt our solutions to poverty, suffering, and injustice to each country or region where we work—whether in Guatemala, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Liberia, Philippines, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, or Zambia.

Child Sponsorship

Community partnerships

We address the holistic needs of children and their communities. Success is measured not only by whether the child is attending school, but our overall impact on the region’s food security, access to clean water, reduction in sickness, improvements in teacher training, and the availability of school supplies.

Child Sponsorship

Personal relationships

We encourage sponsors to write their sponsored children regularly, whether it’s to share their interests, encourage their children to work hard in school or to share a scripture verse that ignites spiritual growth. And, that encouragement can make all the difference!

Our Impact

In 2017, we celebrated your sponsorship impact.


of sponsored children

passed their school year and will move on to the next grade level, and more than 30 graduated from high school


of sponsored children

in Sierra Leone passed the National Primary State Exam, exceeding the countrywide rate of 75%

active sponsorships

benefited 2,047 children; with more than 428 new sponsors, the program has grown by nearly 23%


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Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

World Hope International is committed to sound stewardship and using your gift to deliver the most effective, sustainable solutions for alleviating poverty, suffering, and injustice. In the fiscal year 2019, 91% of all expenditures went to program services. In order to use our resources in the most efficient manner possible, we may deem it necessary to redirect your contribution to the greatest need or our general purposes.

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