Child Sponsorship

It takes a village to ensure that a child can grow up safely, securely, & with access to education and hope for opportunities in the future.

A child can be known, loved, and launched.

It takes a village to ensure that a child can grow up safely, securely, and with access to education and hope for opportunities in the future. It takes their family, teachers, leaders, and other community members – and now, we are inviting others to be part of the village, too.

World Hope’s Child Sponsorship program holistically and uniquely addresses the barriers children face in accessing education. Join in the journey with these children and their communities by sponsoring a child today and help open the doors for them to a life of opportunity, dignity, and hope!

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World Hope’s child sponsorship program is set up to remove barriers to education for children.

Access to Education
At WHI, sponsorships not only cover costs like tuition, uniforms, books, but are also used to address other barriers children often face in pursuit of an education. That’s why, unique to the communities, sponsorship funds may also go to ensuring quality teaching, safe trips to and from schools, and best practices for hygiene and health.
Youth Empowerment
Because World Hope partners with schools and villages to implement its child sponsorship program, student clubs, retreats, camps, and special activities may also be established through the funding that comes in. This can then provide a holistic educational experience that enhances children’s emotional, social, spiritual, and leadership development; equips them with valuable skills; and empowers them to become leaders in their communities and countries.
Enable the Children
All children deserve a hopeful future and a life of dignity and opportunity, but children living with special needs face even more barriers along the way. That’s why, in partnership with our Enable the Children program, World Hope also offers specialized Child Sponsorship opportunities that provide children living with disabilities and/or special needs a qualified, compassionate caseworker, and an individualized plan that includes any therapy needs, training, or specialized equipment.

Child Sponsorship with WHI

World Hope International’s Child Sponsorship program works around the world to remove barriers to education and is unique to the communities where it is implemented. The sponsorship takes place through partnering with schools and the villages those schools are connected to.

Funding from child sponsorships covers costs such as tuition, uniforms, and books, but is also used in other ways to ensure children can access education. That’s why, in the Philippines, some child sponsorship funds are being used to build a community bridge. The children in this village had to cross a river every day to and from school and in order to cross it, they had to wade through with their books and clothes held over their heads, at risk of drowning, being swept away, or losing their books. Similarly, in Sierra Leone, funding from the child sponsorship program is often used to support the professional development and certification process for teachers at partner schools.

Our Impact

Be Inspired By These Stories of Change

Teacher, Farmer, Father

As both a full-time farmer and volunteer teacher at the local school, Jesse was under tremendous strain to provide an income while giving back to his community. Child Sponsorship is now helping Jesse and his family to thrive.

Empowered to Give Back

Supported by Child Sponsorship all the way through college, Kate is determined to take the opportunities she has been given and give back to her community by becoming a teacher.

The Opportunity to Thrive

A childhood of difficult circumstances did not stop Prince’s dedication to learning. Child Sponsorship has helped Prince to receive the consistent education he desired and deserved.


Child Sponsorship Works
Child Sponsorship

Educated and Graduated

Sponsored children are up to 40% more likely to finish secondary school and up to 80% more likely to graduate college.

Journal of Political Economy
Child Sponsorship

Access to Opportunities

Sponsored children are up to 18% more likely to find jobs and lift themselves—and their families—out of desperate cycles of violence, disease and poverty.

Journal of Political Economy
Child Sponsorship

Empowered to Give Back

Children lifted from poverty by the generosity of sponsors are up to 70% more likely to become leaders in their churches and communities.

Journal of Political Economy