Emergency Relief

We mobilize our emergency relief volunteers and our network of local and global nonprofits, corporate, church, and logistics partners when disasters strike.

Our Current Emergency Relief Efforts

Acting fast before, during, and after an emergency — collaborating creatively with diverse partners has meant we are able to assist impacted communities when disasters strike.

Earthquake in Haiti

We are currently responding to the devastating magnitude 7.2 Earthquake that just rocked Haiti. Help provide clean water for drinking, sanitation, and hygiene. Learn more about our Relief Efforts in Haiti.

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Strengthen resiliency in impacted community

World Hope International works to build the capacity of our staff, volunteers and local partners to respond quickly and efficiently, and work with the impacted communities to help build back better and become more resilient.

Thank You for helping us respond to Hurricane Dorian!

After Hurricane Dorian hit The Bahamas, World Hope International was able to get on the ground right away and began making clean water for drinking and sanitation purposes. Our clean water sites and volunteer program ran from Sept 2nd – Nov 10th, and we could not have done it without our partners, our volunteers, and our supporters. Thank you!

In Response to Disasters, Water Matters

In the Spring of 2019, Cyclone Idai devastated the city of Beira in Mozambique and a second, connected disaster from waterborne diseases threatened the lives of the surviving residents. World Hope International responsibly responded to the crisis by partnering with Airlink, Amazon, and Katadyn to provide relief…

Response to Guatemala 'Volcano of Fire'

Alongside local churches and organizational partners, World Hope and a team of volunteers distributed water filters, solar power systems, and other urgent supplies to those in need.

Poured Out Response to Hurricane Irma

Alongside partner Poured Out Ministries, World Hope International is coordinating volunteer teams to support tree cutting and removals, roof repairs or replacements due to wind damage, and flooding relief to communities and churches still under water in southwest Florida.

Response to Hurricane Harvey

World Hope International is partnering with Poured Out and The Wesleyan Church to work with families who have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Help For Nepal

A quick message from WHI CEO John Lyon on how World Hope International is working in Nepal with Global Partners and the Wesleyan Church to bring relief to the people of Barpak. WHI and the Wesleyan Emergency Relief Fund have helped finance emergency supplies like tents, sleeping bags, and water filters for surrounding communities.
Honoring women who work in disaster areas

Honoring women who work in disaster areas

“I have the honor of taking a front seat to watch women serve in areas that are male-dominated in many cultures. I’m thinking specifically of those serving in disaster and emergency relief ministries…”

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