Clean Water & Energy

It affects health, safety, education, and economic empowerment—and can change the game for vulnerable communities.

Making a Cross-Sector Impact

Disaster Resiliency

Natural Resource Management

Climate Resiliency

Clean water and energy is a holistic issue

Since 2004, we’ve been committed to drilling clean water wells, launching market-driven water solutions, and providing necessary sanitation facilities in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities.

It is why we challenge ourselves to innovate and constantly improve the quality of our approach to serve hundreds of thousands of people across Sierra Leone, Liberia, Haiti, and Cambodia. Today, people are living healthier, more productive lives because of access to clean water.

Celebrating 1,000 wells drilled in Sierra Leone

From water scarcity to 1,000 drilled wells: Join us in celebrating clean water access and making a brighter future possible in Sierra Leone.

Life-saving drills conducted in Dominican Republic

Explore the partnership between WHI, USAID, and US military in equipping Dominican first responders with life-saving drills to enhance disaster preparedness.

Pounding the Pavement for a Purpose

Individual runners and running teams are taking their personal mission and purpose to the streets in order for others to run toward their future with hope.

individuals gained access to safely managed drinking water in four countries in 2021

people gained access to water through drilled wells, hand dug wells, and rehabilitated wells since 2004

students learned about solid waste management and 4Ts in Liberia in 2021

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