Help ensure that every child has the potential for a bright future.

Enable the Children helps ensure that every child living with disabilities in Freetown is able to reach the highest possible quality of life, can access everything they need to access, and are nurtured and loved in their own communities.

Help us reach our $50K goal

Because of the cultural stigma associated with having a child living with a disability in Sierra Leone, one of the things we hear most from parents of the families we support is that they are thankful for the encouragement of knowing they are not alone.

For Every $500 Raised

ETC is able to provide one child with in-home physical therapy for a year.

For Every $1,000 Raised

ETC is able to provide support meetings for caregivers of children with disabilities to help them feel encouraged and empowered.

For Every $2,500 Raised

a sporting event providing equity and inclusion for children living with disabilities becomes possible.

For Every $5,000 Raised

the cost can be covered for one rehabilitation therapist to care for children living with disabilities for a year to increase mobility and ensure every child feels loved.

Make a difference by giving a gift today.

We have a goal to raise $50,000 in the next two weeks to expand our work and train 17 new physiotherapists.

Other ways to make an impact on a child’s life.

It takes a village to ensure that a child can grow up safely, securely, & with access to education and hope for opportunities in the future.

All children deserve a hopeful future and a life of dignity and opportunity, but children living with special needs face even more barriers along the way. That’s why, in partnership with our Enable the Children program, World Hope also offers specialized Child Sponsorship opportunities that provide children living with disabilities and/or special needs a qualified, compassionate caseworker, and an individualized plan that includes any therapy needs, training, or specialized equipment.

Sponsor a Child with Special Needs

With $44 a month, you’ll be able to help provide:


A Caseworker

A highly qualified, compassionate caseworker is assigned to your sponsored child and his or her family. Hope for the future starts here!


A Plan

A plan is created for each child including therapy needs, family and community training, and specialised equipment.


A Future

With therapy, confidence, and a restored sense of value, you have launched this child on a journey to live to their fullest, God-given potential.