World Hope International’s mushroom cultivation project, known as Thera Metrey (which means Compassionate Earth), was launched as a solution for a source of reliable cash flow for Cambodian farmers that is resilient to climate extremes and consistent with the engagement of women in and around their obligations at home.

Launched in late 2016, Thera Metrey has grown rapidly as women – and now men – decide to invest in mushrooms through the project. One of these women is S. Nan, and this is her story.

“I have two children. My daughter is 18 years old studying in grade 12th and my son is 12 in grade 8.”

“My family have one hectare of land for rice farming and our livelihood for years were depending on just one season rice crop every year. We went through this situation again and again each year for not having enough rice to eat.

“I and my husband started our first mushroom house in January 2016, second mushroom house in February 2018.”

“We got good mushroom production and easy to sell our mushroom because of Thera. The money we earned could pay to buy land to extend my family’s land, send my kids to school.

“We also could afford to drill a well on our own land, purchased a motorbike and a truck, and we are now stocking up our house with mushroom’s raw materials for mushroom production.

“We are now in the process of building mushroom house #3.”

“Nowadays, I am less worried about my family income even if I need to pay back my loan because I have earning regularly from my mushroom productions.”

“I am thankful of having market to sell my mushrooms to. I wish World Hope International’s donors and World Hope International’s staff with success and good health.”