Saving Lives Through Medicine Distribution: Join Our Life-Saving Campaign Today!

Imagine having a storehouse filled with critical medicines and antibiotics that could save countless lives, but no way to deliver them. This is the urgent situation we are faced with, and your support is needed to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Our Life-Saving Mission

World Hope International (WHI) has partnered with MAP International, a non-profit health organization, to secure approximately $10 million worth of life-saving medicines as gifts in kind (GIK). These medicines are destined for over 40 Christian health clinic networks in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and LaGonâve Hospital in Haiti, all set to be distributed in just a few weeks in mid-August.

The Challenge

The catch? While the medicines themselves are donated, the challenge lies in arranging their transport, which comes with a price tag of $500,000. This critical transportation cost must be raised to ensure that more than 3 million treatments reach families in need across three countries.

The Impact of Your Donation

The impact of these medicines cannot be underestimated. They can mean the difference between a healthy pregnancy and an unhealthy one. They can be the lifeline for children, curing them with a few doses of antibiotics that we often take for granted in the developed world.

Make 20x the Impact

The good news is that every donation made to this distribution effort will be multiplied by 20. This means your contribution will have a twentyfold impact, saving and transforming lives.

Witnessing Hope in Action

The Liberia team has already witnessed the positive effect of such medicine distribution. They provided medicines and equipment worth over $200,000 to health clinics and centers in the Todee Health District, benefiting over 46,000 residents. In one touching incident, a pregnant woman at the Yeagba Town Clinic, on the verge of labor, was desperately in need of a simple needle. Her family embarked on a two-hour drive to the next clinic to beg for one, but thanks to World Hope’s supply arriving just in time, she received the necessary care, leading to a safe delivery of a beautiful, healthy baby girl.
Mother holding baby

*Image has been changed for protection of mother and child

Join Our Life-Saving Mission

You can be a part of this life-saving mission by contributing to the $500,000 goal now! Your support will help provide vital medicines to pregnant women and children, making a tangible difference in their lives.

Donate Now & Multiply Your Impact by 20!