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I’m headed to Cambodia with @worldhopeorg! Virtually, of course! World Hope is hosting a virtual tour of their ecotourism camp, Jahoo for #GivingTuesday. Register today to tag along and experience the wonder of creation and be inspired by #ThePowerOfHope: 

Want to join me and @worldhopeorg on a FREE virtual trip to Cambodia? We’ll be trekking into the jungle to see endangered species, and to discover how the community is experiencing #ThePowerOfHope through access to clean water, education and employment.

What are your plans for #GivingTuesday? I’ll be taking a virtual trip to Cambodia with @WorldHopeOrg! I can’t wait to see some beautiful and endangered wildlife, and learn about the native community. RSVP for your free virtual tour at #ThePowerOfHope

Next stop, Cambodia! Since we can’t travel yet, I’m taking a virtual trip into the jungles of Cambodia with @WorldHopeOrg! They’re giving us a sneak peek at their ecotourism camp, Jahoo! Book your free virtual trip at and come experience #ThePowerOfHope!

Adventure Awaits

Who else has Cambodia on their bucket list? Let’s take a virtual trip there w/ @WorldHopeOrg for #GivingTuesday! We’ll get to see endangered species like the yellow-cheeked crested gibbons, and majestic elephants. RSVP for your free tour at #ThePowerOfHope

I just made a gift to @worldhopeorg to help unlock the possibilities for others and share #ThePowerOfHope! Make a gift, too, or join me in attending a special #GivingTuesday virtual tour of Cambodia to find out why I support World Hope! Check it out at #UnlockThePossibilities