Woman-Owned Business Backs Working Moms in Cambodia as World Hope Partner

Apr 29, 2024 | Cambodia, Partnership

By Kristen Wright and Tanya Nace  

Jen Hansard, CEO of Simple Green Smoothies, immediately felt a connection when she heard about women entrepreneurs setting up mushroom farms in Cambodia through World Hope International. The Florida mom of two knew the pressure women around the world feel as their families’ breadwinners.

In 2013, Hansard had assumed the role in her family after her husband lost his job. Around that time, she and a friend, Jadah Sellner, had created an Instagram account — they called it Simple Green Smoothies — that detailed Sellner’s more than 25-pound weight loss. Sellner’s secret wasn’t difficult; she had one spinach-packed green smoothie every day. Their account racked up followers, and its posts went viral.

By 2018, Simple Green Smoothies had become a recognized wellness brand complete with a website, “mommy blog,” smoothie recipes, cookbooks, meal plans and product endorsements of blenders and almond milk makers to enzymes and protein powder. Hansard had hired several employees and had attained healthy living guru status. She’s been featured in O The Oprah Magazine, The Doctors, NBC News, Well + Good, Prevention, Parade, The Wall Street Journal and Runner’s World.

Partnering with World Hope International was a natural fit for the 5-year-old company. Hansard could empower other women business owners halfway around the world, and they, too, supported healthy eating. She committed to a corporate partnership of at least $10,000 a year to support the mushroom cultivation project. The amount helped 10 families start their own mushroom house and gave them opportunities to double their incomes.

“I think we all want to feel good in our heart about what we’re doing and what we’re buying, and when you come to us and we can help you with your own health — but it doesn’t stop there,” Hansard said. “We’re gonna help you make the world a better place halfway around the world in Cambodia, too. That’s crazy cool. I’m thankful we’ve been able to do this as a company.”

Helping rural families prosper financially is a critical key in World Hope’s nearly 20-year fight against human trafficking in Cambodia. Mushroom farming has added over $2,000 to rural Cambodian farmers’ incomes annually. The extra income means farmers can stop traveling to urban areas for work, save for bigger purchases and pay off their loans. WHI uses market-based solutions like the mushroom cultivation project to fight human trafficking and gender-based violence and to create opportunities for people to lift themselves out of poverty.

Hansard, moved by the power of her World Hope partnership, wanted her employees to see how they were helping other families. She took the Simple Green Smoothies team on a trip to Cambodia, where they saw the power firsthand. They were changing an entire community, providing opportunities, protecting the vulnerable and reunifying families.

They quickly found that the biggest gift wasn’t the trip, however; the gift was the hope they found in themselves. 

To learn how your business can partner with World Hope and change lives like Simple Green Smoothies has in Cambodia, please visit our partnership page

Kristen Wright

Kristen Wright

Special Guest Contributor

Kristen Wright is a journalist with more than 20 years’ experience covering global issues. She is chief strategist and editor at Kristen Wright Strategic Communications. Reach her at kristen@kwstrategic.com and wrightkristenm on LinkedIn. 

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Tanya Nace


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