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Changing the World Changes Your Company.

Joining forces with World Hope isn’t merely a transaction; it’s a journey toward fostering hope within your workplace. It’s about empowering your employees to embrace a vision that extends beyond profit margins and quarterly reports. It’s about igniting a spark of optimism that fuels innovation, collaboration, and genuine engagement.

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Your company benefits as a World Hope International corporate partner. When an entire company rallies around something greater than itself and the day-to-day operations, hope infuses purpose beyond the daily grind into a collective endeavor that is remarkable and transformative.

Have you asked your employees what’s important to them? Most want to positively impact the world beyond their workplace.  Corporate responsibility is empowering. As a World Hope partner, you will save and improve lives, gain employee loyalty and build stakeholder trust.*

*Jin, Hebo et al. “Impact of corporate social responsibility on employee loyalty: Mediating role of person-organization fit and employee trust.” PloS one vol. 19,3 e0300933. 21 Mar. 2024, doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0300933 

Our alliance with World Hope, ETC and the wider community illustrates the remarkable outcomes when like-minded people unite.

Cornerstone Financial Solutions. Inc.

Why Partner with Us?

Because you know that with World Hope, you can do more, for more. Our partnerships leverage resources, expertise and innovation for sustainable solutions across communities. And because Charity Navigator rates us a 4-Star Charity — its highest rating, you know you are building a partnership with an organization you can trust.  

Children and their families gained access to CLEAN WATER

Patients received HEALTH CARE

Children and their families protected from gender-based violence and HUMAN TRAFFICKING

Children gained educations through CHILD SPONSORSHIP

Ways You Can Get Involved

Your business can change the lives of vulnerable children and their families through a World Hope partnership. Do you want to provide access to clean water, expand access to health care, protect against gender-based violence and human trafficking, or boost education through child sponsorship? Your partnership can support one or more of these life-changing initiatives.

From the women of the Betteh Bakery to those fighting sex trafficking or drilling wells, WHI is actively making a people-centric impact across the globe.

Andy & Amy Bautz

Owners, Slingshot

Our Impact Network

Since our founding, hundreds of partners have collaborated with World Hope International. Below are just a few we’ve had the privilege to partner with.

Build Health International
MAP International
MAP International
cornerstone financial solutions


Cornerstone Financial Solutions

Cornerstone Funds Therapy for Children With Disabilities

Our alliance with World Hope, Enable the Children (ETC) and the wider community illustrates the remarkable outcomes when likeminded people unite. Our dedication to uplifting others goes beyond words; it’s a relentless pursuit to make the world better, one person at a time.

Clean Water and Sanitation

New Water Drilling Rig Arrives in Sierra Leone


Anti-Human Trafficking

The Mushroom Project

Simple Green Smoothies

Emergency Relief

First Responder Medical Training in Ukraine


Impact the World Beyond Your Workplace

We believe in harnessing this transformative power of hope within businesses. We invite you to discover the profound impact it can have on your employees and your entire organization.