World Hope International produces innovative new quarantine tool powered by Disaster Tech

@WorldHopeOrg has teamed up with @DisaterTech to develop an innovative means to support those in quarantine locally and globally

Innovative “Get-Support” tool designed by World Hope International and powered by Disaster Tech launched to help communities facing enforced and voluntary quarantines

World Hope International responds to COVID-19 by launching innovative quarantine tool for communities

WASHINGTON D.C.  (MARCH 21, 2020)World Hope International has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by developing a unique web-based platform called Get-Support in partnership with veteran-owned technology firm, Disaster Tech. As a primary responder to the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone from 2014 – 2016, World Hope International has significant experience working alongside communities to address and stem infectious disease outbreaks, including helping individuals and families maintain quarantines while still receiving necessary provisions including food, clean water, medical assistance, necessary supplies, and more.

The Get-Support tool will provide faith-based and community organizations with the ability to quickly, securely, and safely respond to needs from those who are facing enforced or voluntary quarantine. Each organization will have its own universe within the platform, where users can submit and respond to requests for assistance from others in their community. Get-Support will take as much workload as possible off community leaders, removing the “middle man” challenge and automating the process. It not only helps community members safely and successfully help each other, but it empowers community leaders to maintain their focus on ministering to those in need rather than attending to spreadsheets and other traditional administrative tools as requests for support build and volunteers ask how they can help. Translations of the user guide have been made possible through the Translator Interpreter Program (TIP) of the Cornell University Public Service Center.

“At its very core, World Hope International is a market-driven, community-led organization that seeks to empower the most vulnerable members of populations. In the United States right now, we know that the population is suddenly the elderly and the immunocompromised, as well as those with preexisting conditions. World Hope helped maintain safe quarantines throughout the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone, and thinking about how we could help here inspired the Get-Support idea. I thought, what if we can provide a tool that would empower leaders in their churches, their communities or organizations, and their cities or states to easily and safely serve the needs of those in mandatory or voluntary quarantine?”

John Lyon
Former President & CEO, World Hope International

“I’ve worked with World Hope International on a number of different occasions in response to disasters. When World Hope approached me about partnering with them on this tool, I knew immediately it is something we wanted to be part of. It’s an honor to know that we are helping communities across the country – and hopefully around the world- to help each other. There’s a special synergy that happens when innovative but user-friendly technology like the Get-Support tool can be built and deployed in rapid fire response  to something like this. You know the impact it has could be astronomical.”

Sean Griffin
Founder & CEO, Disaster Tech

“I’m deeply grateful to my fellow Cornellians for their translation essential efforts to make Get-Support as accessible as possible to all who need it. Cornellians all over the world are responding to President Martha Pollack’s call to support each other and our communities.”

Katherine Herleman
Senior Advisor, (Community Resiliency), Disaster Tech Board of Directors

The  “Get-Support” tool is being tested in beta by several organizations this week. After any desired tweaks and adjustments are completed, it is expected to roll out to the public on March 27th. All user data is stored on secure servers and encrypted for protection and privacy purposes, and the tool is optimized for accessibility needs. World Hope and Disaster Tech are already anticipating that new iterations will be developed, such as support for in-group advertisements of services or potential API connections to outside services.

More information about the Get-Support tool can be found on the product page and organizations interested in supporting their community through quarantining can register now.


Note to Editors:  Interviews with internal spokespeople and possibly Get-Support beta users available.

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