Barbados Disaster Relief Training

Hurricane Season Looms Large, But Leaders Are Preparing

WASHINGTON D.C., (JULY 16, 2021) – World Hope International is holding a Disaster Preparedness Training in Barbados from July 20th – 23rd. The training has two main goals, 1) to prepare groups for crisis response and 2) to lay out concrete ways for groups to serve their communities and provide physical and emotional care.

Participating in the training are members of the Barbados Defense Forces, First Responders, and local faith and civic leaders. World Hope International’s former CEO, John Lyon, shared, “Proper preparation can reduce the impact of a disaster. By bringing together key players who know their communities and understand their context, a network is built. By offering this training, we hope leaders are prepared to work together and are maximized for the best possible response.”

Qualified trainers from the Fairfax and Los Angeles County Fire Departments, Katadyn Group, and others experienced in disaster relief, and search and rescue, will provide in-class teaching and hands-on training in four sessions.

Courses include:

International Disaster Response Management, and Logistics

Participants will learn what it takes to manage and coordinate groups following a disaster, how to evaluate logistical needs to deliver a well-thought-through response.

Wide Area Assessment: Disaster Surveyor

Participants will have the opportunity to download a free assessment app to their device, where they will be able to upload critical information to a disaster coordinator to expedite communication of needs during a disaster.

Swift Water Rescue

Participants will learn how to evaluate rescue efforts that take place in areas of swift water

WASH: Water Filtration and Desalination, Sanitation, and Hygiene

Participants will learn about water filtration, desalination, sanitation, and hygiene during a disaster.

The sessions are being offered for free by World Hope International and taught at The Crane Resort in St. Phillip, Barbados.

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Heather Hill

WHI Director, Communications & Marketing

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