Summer 2020 Intern: Audrey Davis

by | Jul 14, 2020 | In Profile, Interns

Meet Summer 2020 intern Audrey Davis. Audrey is interning in our communication department, focusing on maintaining connections between World Hope International (WHI) and the media, social media strategy, website design, and writing press releases. She is a huge help to WHI as her work allows our professional staff to be able to place new amounts of focus on to their work. This is especially appreciated as so far 2020 has been been an eventful and challenging year. Due to social distancing and the ongoing threat of spreading COVID-19, Audrey has been able to intern with us remotely. She has adapted with outstanding flexibility, determined to make the most of the situation while still staying safe at home. Keep reading to learn more about Audrey!

How did you first get connected to WHI? What made you look into interning with us?

“I am enrolled in a professional development program for women called the EmpowHer program. This organization has an abundance of partner organizations that have expressed an interest in having a “BA Woman” join them for the summer; one of which is World Hope! My interests lined up with World Hope’s goals perfectly, and the rest is history.”

Out of the many types of projects WHI is involved in, which do you feel the most passionate about?

“I feel a draw towards the fight against human trafficking and the exploitation of women and children. The work WHI is doing to elevate resources and trainings for governments and organizations that previously had little to no type of infrastructure for this issue is truly amazing.”


I am majoring in International Studies with a minor in Human Rights at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, graduating in May of 2022.


Where I call home

Birmingham, AL

About me

I am…Dedicated, Logical, Reliable, and a Forever-Student.

Fun fact

I am bilingual (English and Italian) and I am working on being trilingual (Arabic).

Favorite quote
“Life is about creating yourself, not finding yourself.”
I believe that when people talk about “finding themselves” they are stripping themselves of all power to control their own path. “Creating oneself” on the other hand gives us a sense of autonomy and leaves the responsibility for our lives to no one but ourselves.


What is your internship focused on and what have you been learning in that role so far? 

“My internship is focused on the PR side of Communications. I have been tracking our social media presence and coming up with ways to connect WHI to more people and organizations. I will be editing and creating press releases for our new projects in the future.”

What are you hoping to learn and accomplish this summer?

“I am hoping to improve my professional writing and analytical skills all while gaining an insider’s perspective on how to make real change in an environment such as this.”

How does this internship fit into your long-term or short-term career goals?

“My time here at WHI will be the base for all my future endeavors. With this experience I am able to see an important side of NGO operations that will provide me with important knowledge as I move forward into new phases of my career.”

What challenges or growth have you experienced while interning remotely during the threat of COVID-19?

“Working from home has posed the challenge of staying focused on work as life at home carries on around me, but this situation has also allowed me to take more control of my work schedule and therefore my life schedule. I have become more aware of my ultra-productive times vs. my ‘I can’t focus on anything for the life of me’ times and I have been able to use that to my advantage, as well as to World Hope’s.”

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