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World Hope Australia Reorganized into Broader World Hope International Family

Though World Hope is no longer operating in Australia, we continue to build upon our more than 25 year legacy to bring hope, health and healing around the world, empowering the most vulnerable with opportunity and dignity so they can transform their lives, families and communities.  

Join thousands of other caring, compassionate donors like yourself and continue to support World Hope’s programs across the globe, including the Philippines and Cambodia.

Please take a moment to further explore the World Hope website to understand the scope of ongoing programs and initiatives and the regions where World Hope continues to have a life-changing and life-saving impact. 

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Join thousands of other caring, compassionate donors like yourself and continue to support World Hope’s programs across the globe.

We invite you to learn more about ASEAN region programs that your support makes possible:

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Child Sponsorship

World Hope’s Child Sponsorship program holistically and uniquely addresses the barriers children face in accessing education. Join in the journey with these children and their communities by sponsoring a child today.

Bunong boys at Friendship Games

Konsae Project

Project Konsae approaches community development through local education for Bunong ethnic children living along the Wildlife Conservation Area in Mondulkiri, Cambodia.

MFRT Responder

Enhancing Responses to Survivors of Cross-Border Trafficking

An action research project to address cross-border human trafficking that delivers rapid interventions that mitigate the impact of human trafficking and build resilient communities.

The Nomad Mougulu High School

Providing access to life-long learning and vocational opportunities for students in Papua New Guinea.

Cambodian woman cultivating mushroom

Mushroom Cultivation

Earning less than $1 a day, Cambodians face challenges in providing for their families. Farming mushrooms and selling them at a fair price is reducing violence, human trafficking, low school attendance, substance abuse, and more.

Male Gibbon at Jahoo Ecotourism Camp

Jahoo Ecotourism Camp

A sustainable ecotourism camp model that provides local villagers with a strong incentive to conserve endangered primates and their habitat.

Filipino child looking out the window

Protecting At-Risk Children Vulnerable to Exploitation

Learn how Protecting At-Risk Children Vulnerable to Online Sexual Exploitation is paving the path for a brighter future.

Filipino chid holding a baby

OSAEC Research and Response

Address Online Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children through research and action amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines.

elderly woman standing in front of tapped water tank


TapEffect offers a market-based solution for households in rural Cambodia to have access to clean, piped water. As a result, women—upon whom the majority of the clean water burden falls—can have clean water piped into their homes for drinking, washing, gardening, and more.