How We Work

We address global poverty with sustainable, grassroots solutions, responding to both acute crises and systemic challenges.


The causes of poverty are complex and deeply interconnected, so our programs must complement each other. Because when students are able to drink clean water, they stay in school longer. Further education leads to better job opportunities, which leads to stable families that are less vulnerable to exploitation from traffickers’ lies. And the upward cycle continues. 


Most importantly, our solutions are sustainable. They are market-based and community-driven. We’re not just delivering pallets of water in single-use plastics — we’re delivering locally tailored clean water systems with a business solution that creates resilience and keeps things running long after we’re gone. 

Community Driven

We’re also not pre-supposing that we have all the answers. We strive to listen more than we talk, knowing that the best solutions come from within the communities we serve.